I’m not a great programmer; I’m just a good programmer with great habits

What a lovely day before COVID-19, we all worked together physically in the office. We observed each other’s behaviors. We saw how everyone worked. Nowadays even with the work-from-home settings, we still see some of those patterns and a few new ones.

In this story, I would like to name…

What to expect during the job transition of a software engineer

Tall buildings

Never a time in my life would I imagine myself being unemployed or changing jobs frequently. From July 2019 to December 2021, owing to the pandemic, I changed jobs three times. Somewhere in between, I was unemployed for three months. What a roller coaster ride.

I don’t think my experience…

Don’t drive to where you don’t know

A system design interview is a type of technical interview in which you’re given a commonly known system such as TinyUrl and a few basic requirements. Then you’re asked to walk through the design process of that system to fulfill the requirements on a high level.

The design process usually…

Interviewers actually want candidates to be successful

Online meeting

Solving coding questions is the main aspect of a coding interview, but there are many other aspects that affect the outcome. Interviews shouldn’t only be about the offer or rejection but also the experience.

Both candidates and interviewers play a major role. Understanding what goes through the mind of the…

It’s all about walking a mile in somebody else’s shoes

E-communication has already been a norm in the tech industry long before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Every day, we use emails and instant messaging platforms for workplaces like Slack, Teams, and Zoom.

Communication becomes annoying and inefficient when not used properly. Sometimes people don’t notice those issues because…

A good programmer knows things. A better programmer shares the things they know

Foosball table

To secure your programming job, write unreadable code that only you can understand. The uglier, the better. Don’t share your knowledge with anyone. Keep everything you know to yourself. The projects you did will be crumbled when you’re gone. If you are irreplaceable, you will never be fired.

You know…

If today were your last working day in your current company, what kind of code would you write?

In a software development life-cycle, a team of engineers works in different parts of a complex system. No one knows every single detail of the architecture and implementation.

When someone decides to leave the project or the company, another person, or the rest of the team, has to take over…

Human conflict isn’t all glitter and gold

two boxers fighting

Pull requests often have two kinds of conflicts: code conflict and human conflict.

Code conflict happens when the source branch doesn’t have the commits of the destination branch. You can solve a code conflict by merge or rebase. Either way is right. However, human conflict is not always so straightforward.

9 hacks to make your whiteboard coding process easier

Two women next to a whiteboard

The interview process for software engineering positions usually involves one 45-minute round of whiteboard coding. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, whiteboard coding literally happened in front of a whiteboard if you were applying to local companies. Nowadays, coding interviews take place over an interactive coding web application such as CoderPad.


4. Prioritize what really matters

Image of plant growing in a window

Personal side projects are the works you do on your own time, for your own growth, and for your portfolio. For example, building your portfolio website, creating a piece of digital art, writing a Medium story, etc.

Freelancing is not considered a personal side project because it’s not personal. Personal…

Meng Taing

Fullstack developer. When life gives you a lemon, write a script to turn it into lemonade so that you don’t have to deal with it again.

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